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Russian marriage

What is a definition of Russian Marriage. Basically it is when you marry a girl from Russia. This is a simple way to describe it. But there is much more behind these worlds. Russian marriage certainly has its flavor - definitely a Russian flavor. And this is not only colorful Matreshka and knowledge of history of Russia, vodka with caviar, lots of love, beautiful song and interesting places to visit. All these things certainly bring a lot of fun too and come along with every Russian marriage. But the actual flavor of Russian marriage is brought to your life when you marry Russian girls. After this day of marriage your life will never be the same. Russian girl will fill your life with lots of colors of her personality - the true flavor of Russian marriage...

Women of Russia certainly have strong personalities and demand a lot of respect. You have to understand that if you deciding to marry a girl from Russia and want to have a happy and long-lasting marriage. With Russian marriage you get a partner in life - full time partner that will share all your ups and downs and will support and encourage you in your social life and career. And you will have to treat her as equal life partner - your second half, with all the respect that comes along. And for that you will get back the same respect and appreciation and will become a center of the world for your Russian wife.

If you need a silent partner to whom you want to express your anger and bad temper, if you have any, then you better off with oriental women. Russian women you have to treat as equal person and reckon with...

Most women from Russia are well educated and therefore can be very interesting companions in conversation and in life in general. This is another difference between Russian and oriental women. With oriental marriage you get yourself a good servant with Russian marriage - companion in life...
Russian women have a lot of sense of humor and fun to be with. They are active, energetic and creative. As I mentioned before - your life will be filled with colors of their personalities and lots of fun. Here is what some of our members tell about their experiences with Russian girls and women:

Martinas 28, Geneva - "Russian women are smart and beautiful; they know how to emphasize their merits and hide their demerits. Russian women are very strong mentally; they are ready to scarify a lot for their love and family, ready to forgive a lot, very vulnerable and sensitive. They are real women - good standard of feminity".

Justin 31, Toulouse - "Women in Russian are very feminine and luxurious. They are more liberated in relationship then French women and great lovers too. They are quick to take offence but recover fast as well. It is nice, easy and fun to be with them - every day is like a holyday!"

Anders 29, Helsinki - "Russian girls are colorful like Matreshka dolls - very bright with pink cheeks. They look healthy and happy cause they eat crepes with honey and caviar and may be that's why they are beautiful like that. Russians are easy in relationship and cheerful!!"

Russian girl for marriage

Russian girls and women are neat and classy. Sometimes they are noted for the lack of correspondence between their attire and event. Only Russian girl can go after breakfast to the swimming pool wearing sandals on heels and evening makeup. Only Russian tourists when going sightseeing to the mountains are wearing mini skirts and same shoes on heels.

Russian girls are going out on the street, every day like on podium. They would make their hair and do the makeup; they would wear their best clothing, do manicure, pedicure and wear perfume to go to a party or to nearby store to buy toilet paper - just the same way!!
Look at this Russian girl on the picture, watering the garden on the backyard. Look at the shoes she is wearing!! This is very Russian indeed...))

They are a lot of opinions about Russian women but everybody agree in one - Russian women are beautiful and feminine, stylish and cheerful, good housewives and passionate lovers - the true flavors of Russian marriage

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