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Modern Russian Girls

Russian girls are really unique, they are tender and kind, at the same time being diligent and hard-working, especially, when they do something for their beloved partners and family and feminism hasn't touched them in such great degree as American and European girls. In the case of the representatives of the opposite gender the Russian girls usually do not involve logical thinking, and they trust their hearts and inner voice. 40-year-old German Matthias says that Russian girls are very gentle and try to feel the beloved soul. According to Matthias wife's words he is a whole world for her. Mathias understood this a little bit later. He said that in Germany a woman cares more about herself and the man must take care of her. When the German girl has a headache, she goes to lie down and does nothing. Even being sick the Russian girl is going to work. If Russian girl is falling in love with you, then you may count on her absolute devotion, because Russian girls sacrifice their career and their interests because of the family interests and needs. Such behavior is in nature of a Russian girl in love. If Russian girl is getting married, then she arranges her life values connected to her husband, children and parents; a husband plays one of the main roles in her life. But it doesn't mean that Russian girl will refuse caring of her image after marriage, while married American girls do not care for their appearance after wedding as well as the Russian girls do. American girls mostly cannot find the time for such option like beauty, because the last one doesn't belong to their priorities any more. They usually treat men as equal partners in business as well as in family by only taking advantage of them. When we say the words "modern Russian girl" we mean kindness, love and tenderness. Those men who arrive to Russia, pursuing the idea to meet the local ladies, they get amazed when seeing the difference between the ladies of their homeland and the local girls; western men say that Russian brides are the most sensitive and womanly in the perception of the world. The husband is everything for the Russian woman and he is the only one her sexual partner. Russian ladies are known to be the most hospitable in the world, they'll welcome you and offer you such dinner as if you haven't eaten since leaving your home Modern Russian girls are spiritually educated; most of them prefer to read books, listen to various concerts, and to visit places of interest. Smart Russian girls are able to quickly begin speaking a new language; and their adapting to the new surrounding and circumstances also occurs speedily. Despite the difficulties of life and under various circumstances they remain beautiful and kind.

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