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In this series of articles, we would like to start a discussion about women in general and Russian women in particular. We would like to review this subject in a series of articles highlighting different aspects of “What women want?” My knowledge of this matter is based on my studies of psychology in the university, 40+ year’s personal experience of dating, marriages and divorces, studying of articles of the best known psychologists, consultations with them and so on... I really had it all and I read it all…!! Now it is time to share this knowledge with you. Throughout these years of different experiences with different women I tried to realize what is it exactly women want - what drives their behavior in different situations? How are they reacting on you in your different situations in different states of your changing life? What makes them become angry and bitchy, why are they changing? Do we reflect a lot on women’s behavior and on what they become? Can we make our relationships better and save our marriages? Is there a lot depending on our men’s wisdom and ability to influence positively upon our women? I am sure there is a lot… and I want to share my beliefs with you, hoping it will do a good job for you in your present and future experiences with girls and women. It might help you to avoid some mistakes and meet women that are right for you. It might help you to make a choice, searching for your partner for life, in particular using our “Marry Russian Girl” website. If you disagree with any of my points of views or if you would like to add a comment or share your personal experience and knowledge - we invite you to express yourself in our Forum which, at our opinion, can help you to learn more about women

We will also review aspects of Russian women marriage and dating in particular and not only because our site is devoted to Russian women and girls but mostly because we think that Russian girls and women are more traditional in a way of performing the feminine part of our modern society’s life. Therefore Russian girls and women are more predictable in their behavior and could be better manipulated by us, men! Which is what we really want…?! Indeed…))

So let's meet women. Let us begin with the simple question – what are women? Women are beautiful and feminine creatures that suppose to be attractive but weak and dependable… All women are exhibitionists. By laws of a nature they have to attract us, men, in order to be impregnated. It is in their nature to be attractive. There are, of cause, some exceptions to the rule. But as we know - exceptions to the rule just prove the rule!! Buy the way this is why there are so many beautiful Russian girls and women in Russia. It is ones again, because Russian girls and Russian women are more traditional when it comes to expressing basic feminine instinct to be attractive.

Let us continue to meet women…

We could compare woman to a flower. Like a flower woman comes to this world to be beautiful and attractive. Like a flower she blossoms with beautiful colors and irresistible smells. If she wants - she lives us no chance to resist. I did not know what I was doing when I got married first time. At first, after few years of marriage, I was thinking that God makes us stupid in order to get us married…)) Then, after a second one, I realized that these are all women’s deeds… But please, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to call women intricates. No! They just do what they meant to do by nature – attract us, men… That is why all women are exhibitionists. They like to be watched, they like to be touched… And on the contrary, we men like to watch and touch. That is because men and women perform different tasks, given us by nature. So… as a flower, woman delivers beauty and attraction to the world! The main difference with a flower is that besides simple impregnation woman wants to be appreciated!! Always and constantly!! And you should never forget this golden rule – appreciate your woman!! Or die…))

Wise man sad – women love by ears! I am going to relate a lot to a different known men’s wisdom as I read a lot about this matter. I am not going to mention names just to save your time, so…

Women love by ears and that is an absolute truth! That is why it is so important to pay women complements, when you meet women. Always, day and night! Never forget to tell them how beautiful they are. Especially when it comes to Russian girls and women, because they spend a lot of time and energy to look good and attractive, oppose to lot of emancipated western women. Therefore when you start communication with Russian girl, don’t forget to notice how beautiful she is. In fact it is not difficult to do, because Russian girls and women look beautiful anyway! However you should not forget this rule even after you won your woman’s heart and especially after years of marriage – never forget it! Try to look at your woman as if you see her first time, with a little wonder in your eyes, like if you saw a miracle. And when your woman will ask you (and she always will) – Honey, why are you looking ant me like that? You answer – You look gorgeous today my dear. And then she will reply – Only today? And you answer – You always look beautiful, my love, but today, specially! You have to act a little bit to please your woman. There is a good saying – No game, no girl! And there is nothing wrong about it, as soon as it is used with a good intention. This rule will help you in your first steps when you meet women and in your following years of dating and happy marriage. But it is just one of the steps that will help you to become a center of the world for your woman. Others we will review in our next articles. So stay with us and good luck to you in your search for happiness!!

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